Guest Feedback

As with my attitude to accolades when we were in the restaurant business, “ irrespective of how many awards one is bestowed on,  you are only as good as the last meal you cooked”.  The same applies to our new life in the Guest Lodge business.
Well, it isn’t that new – as we started Cliff Edge at the beginning of 2001.
Being a small lodge with only 4 rooms, it is a bit different, as ones experience not only relates to the food and service, but the “total package” and often over a period of 3-4 days or longer.
Below you’ll find a small selection from virtually hundreds of comments. They were addressed in the main to Peter & Glennis and often our Daughter Elsa, who was only a couple of years old when we started and who is now 15.
The first comment is by Garrett & Ellen, they came here for the fist time in 2004, and who have since become good friends although we don’t see them very often as they live in Pennsylvania, USA.
Your host, Peter Meier



What our guests have to say…

Garrett and Ellen

Dear Elsa, it has been fun getting to know you a bit. You are a dear bright gifted child- of the sort on whom our slender hope for humanity depends! May you inherit your mothers kindness and style and dry wit; and your fathers most un-germanic warmth and droll humour and brilliance in the kitchen. We wish you three the best life has to offer.

You have certainly given us that gift at Cliff Edge, we will never forget you.

Dean & Geeta High, Birmingham England

What can we say? Cliff Edge is the perfect ‘Lodge’ situated in the perfect place.What a wonderful start to our honeymoon-we shall never forget your kind hospitality, nor the breathtaking views of the bay.

And of course we must thank Peter for 2 of the best meals in our lives.

Katrina & Gil Cretney, Hayward, CA

What a wonderful stay we had at Cliff Edge. Super dinners, Peter! The oysters were a special treat, enjoyed your outside deck for relaxing.

Abby Warner & Thomas Macy - Nantucket Island, Mass. USA

Dear Meiers, as we depart for the USA we can not think of a more beautiful & special place at which to stay then Cliff Edge, especially for our last 3 nights in NZ. Thanks for the gourmet meals, pristine views, and your warm hospitality, thanks for a perfect stay!

Peggy and Jim Shirreffs - Glendale CA USA

What an amazing way to kick off our honeymoon and marriage. Your view, your gracious hospitality, your superb cuisine – we’re afraid we may now be spoiled for the rest of our trip.

Myra & Ted - Lakefield Canada

Wonderful cuisine -Sensational views – lovely hospitality, a magical place to stay.

Matthew Andrews - North Salem, NY, USA

This is truly an amazing place. A combination of a beautiful  setting and outstanding food makes Cliff Edge a very desirable resort.

Kris & Christina

What a tremendous way to end a year and start a new one. Even without the photographs the views will live on. Fabulous food, glorious company and gracious hosts.

David & Caroline Greenwood - Bath UK

A second wonderful visit even better then we remembered. That special welcome, great housekeeping and Peters excellent food, you both have outstanding talents and a love of hospitality that shines through.

Joan & Michael O’Neil - Ketchum, Idaho, USA

What a special visit- it was just to short. Your lovely place over the water is spectacular and what a setting. The dinners were all the best anywhere we have been. We hope to come back and thank you for your gracious hospitality.

Bod & Carol Black - Sunset, South Carolina, USA

Peter & Glennis, thank you for a marvellous stay in the BOI. Your hospitality was superb and you made as feel very much at home. Peter, your cooking was outstanding and if we stayed ny longer we would have to invest in a larger wardrobe!

Bruce & Rosemary Idiom - Blockley. Glos. UK

What a beautiful spot and those memorable meals! A wonderful end to our holiday.

The Hills - Bristol UK

The long white cloud became the endless grey one, but once inside Cliff Edge, who needs sunshine. It has been a privilege to have Peter cook for us and our three meals have been outstanding. The place is unique and the air of understated professionalism a delight.

Jim Pope - Atlanta, USA

Do you ever tire of reading wonderful remarks? If so you should stop doing such a wonderful caring job! You have given us a great start to our venture in NZ, and we thank you for it.

Doug & Maggie Williams -Bloomington, Illinois, USA

You have breathed life into a marvellous dream with Cliff Edge. All our lofty expectations have been exceeded. But it is your warmth knowledge, professionalism, humour and diplomacy that we’ll remember most. (Well…..maybe the views and food)