Cliff Edge, by the sea is an eco-friendly lodge, committed to sustainable eco-tourism and its associated responsibilities.

The Lodge was architecturally designed and built on an eco-friendly basis, for instance using plantation pine throughout the framing, using Greenpeace endorsed pvc-free and heat retaining Aquatherm plumbing materials, double insulation of all outside walls, which assists greatly in retaining the heat through the colder months  and keeping it out through summer . Rainwater is the only source of water, which is then filtered to ensure that it is absolutely pure.

It has been recognised that human impact can be a large factor of degradation that can not, in many cases be reversed. We recognise that all businesses create their own environmental and social impact through their activities. Ours is no exception.

We are trying actively to reduce any adverse effects, without compromising our guests comfort and enjoyment or well being, through a number of sustainable environmental practise such as:

  • A gas hot water on demand system throughout the building
  •  Recycling of all waste including the composting of organic matters
  • Energy saving devices such as eco and led lighting, reverse cycle air-conditioning, wood fires in the lounge, utilising wood from our own properties.
  • Water saving devices, such as half flush cisterns and flow restrictors
  • Buying locally and employing local services and staff
  • Using bio degradable cleaning agents and natural NZ made toiletries
  • And also importantly inviting our guests to become involved in our activities.


Cliff Edge, by the sea is a corporate member of the “Guardians of the Bay of Islands”.

A local society,  that evolved out of a growing concern for the fragile flora and fauna ecosystem throughout the Eastern Bay of Islands.


Cliff Edge by the sea is also a member of Northland Inc, the regions tourism body.

And the Paihia BOI  Business association.